Saturday, June 1, 2013

AA Inspired Easy Jeans/ Circle Skirt (Taking order)

RM 45
Size XS-L Available 
Color: Dark Denim/ Light Denim

RM 75
Size XS-M
Color: Dark Blue,Black 

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Korea Fashion Collection (Taking orders)

B37 Denim Playsuit 
Size S:Length 34cm|Waist 76cm|Hips 94cm 
Size M:Length 35cm|Waist 80cm|Hips 98cm
RM 79

B37 Dark Denim High Waist Short 
Size S:Length 28cm|Waist 66cm|Hips 94cm 
Size M:Length 29cm|Waist 70cm|Hips 98cm 
Size L:Length 30cm|Waist 74cm|Hips 102cm
RM 59

B37 Denim Studded Dress 
Length 79cm|Bust 80cm
RM 75

B37 Lacey Embroidered Blouse
Shoulder width 36-40cm|Bust 86-98cm|Length 61cm 
RM 55

B37 Blue Base Camo Tee 
Length 67cm|Bust 88cm|Shoulder width 57cm
RM 42

B37 Design By Korea Checkered Knitted Suit
Top: Length 53cm|Bust 74-100cm|Shoulder width 28-40cm 
Bottom: Length 46cm|Waist 52-84cm|Hips 68-100cm
RM 99

B37 Nerd Tee 
Shoulder width 42cm|Bust 92cm|Length 60cm
RM 39

B37 Channel Zero Tee
Shoulder width 42cm|Bust 92cm|Length 60cm
RM 39

B37 Off Shoulder Velvet Split Dress 
Shoulder width 35-39cm|Bust 74-88cm|Waist 66-76cm|Hips 76-88cm
RM 59

B37 Simpson With Cross Printed Tee 
Length 73cm|Bust 94cm|Shoulder width 41cm
RM 45

B37 Stripes Tee With Tiger Head 
Length 70cm|Bust 100cm 

B37 Kenzo Tee 
Length 62cm|Bust 104cm